February 22, 2011

4 Second time warp

I've been sitting in this spot for too long. I am waiting for a time tunnel. As I sit I begin to think back to previous time tunnels that I have travelled. It's funny the harder I think the more I realize I don't remember very many details of the journey. As if was yesterday I can remember the feelings they have given me down to every little shiver but I still I don't remember the journey. As my thoughts lead towards their conclusion my eyes shift and notice that my time tunnel has arrived and it is time to depart. Upon departure I feel my body go weightless. It's like a rug has just been swept from under my feet and there is no earth below.  Gravity runs its course and downward I fall 3, 4 ,5 feet until my feet find solid ground again. As I let instinct take over from there I find myself focused solely on the moment and the exit strategy. There is no time to look around and smell the roses. One wrong move and i'm finished. Getting closer to my goal of relocation I get an unexpected push. Tiny drops of water hitting the back of my head and the rest of my body so hard it stings and distracts me. With my attention diverted I barely realized I had been relocated to the other side.