February 23, 2011

Get Up There BrO

"Hey kid if I see you shuffle your feet one more time up to the nose I'm going to personally make sure you never surf here again." says the crusty old man to a prepubescent kid "and take the learners rope off before I cut it off." 

Walking back to his car with his tail between his legs little Johnny cursed the old crusty under his breath. 
But it was too late the damage was done. Johnny realized he was a kook and that his approach needed to change. 

Upon waking up the next day Johnny had an epiphany. The Old Crusty was not the rat bastard mother fucker he had thought but instead a great Teacher. It only took 5 seconds for the Crusty to forever imprint the most important part of surfing....STYLE MATTERS. 

Little Johnny never shuffled again.