March 09, 2011


A true character and staple among the 805 surf scene, Wayne Rich is one of my favorite people to run into. I had met Wayne once in the parking lot of Queen and right away knew I would like the guy. A few weeks later a paddled out on my 5'8" on a fun chest high longboard day and sure enough the deepest person in the line up was Wayne. I sat there waiting for a wave for quite a while when out of nowhere an overhead wave, clearly the wave of the day, popped up and came right to where Wayne and I were sitting. It was clearly Wayne's wave but for some strange reason he gave me the nod and the wave. Two perfect tubes through the cove put a huge smile on my face and Wayne and I have been good friends ever since. He is a master craftsman of the shaping bay and although his talent may not have brought him financial riches it has cemented Wayne in the lives of many surfers, which if you asked Wayne is worth its weight in gold.